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SoloStats 123 Volleyball

تصاویر SoloStats 123 Volleyballتصاویر SoloStats 123 Volleyballتصاویر SoloStats 123 Volleyballتصاویر SoloStats 123 Volleyballتصاویر SoloStats 123 Volleyball


SoloStats123 is now free so that you can capture unlimited stats for an unlimited number of teams and never need to pay to take stats. Your stats are backed up - automatically.

SoloStats 123 is the only volleyball stat app that enables you to take stats AND coach at the same time. No data entry person, no spotter, no assistants needed.

How many games have you lost by just a few points? If you could turn a couple points you lost in every game into points you won, you would win many more games. SoloStats helps you find those opportunities.

SoloStats focuses on capturing actions that result in points, either for or against. You can also use SoloStats to capture in-rally stats for pass rating, and attack and dig attempts. An as your tracking needs increase to more in-rally touches, you can upgrade to SoloStats LIVE for free.

SoloStats LIVE provides the fastest app interface for volleyball stat capture. It uses a double thumb entry system, like texting, to allow you to stat in-rally touches "heads up".


- In-Rally stats for pass rating, serve rating, hitting, blocking and dig attempts

- Stats based on earned, error, and fault actions

- Automatically keeps score and tracks serving team/server.

- Simple, intuitive user interface

- Live in-game stats and reports

- Stats you can act on, including side out %, point scoring %, and +/- differentials

- See stats by team, rotation, and individual player

- International and U.S. rotation numbering support

- Automatic data backup to WebReports

- WebReports for analyzing consolidated stats across all or any combinations of matches or games

- Data export to MaxPreps, Excel, Hudl, Presto Sports and TeamSnap from WebReports

Recommended by the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) and The Art of Coaching Volleyball.

SoloStats was designed by the coaches who built Rotate123, the world's leading app for automated rotation planning.

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