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Piano Sight Pro

تصاویر Piano Sight Proتصاویر Piano Sight Proتصاویر Piano Sight Proتصاویر Piano Sight Proتصاویر Piano Sight Proتصاویر Piano Sight Pro


Are you a piano learner or just a piano lover? If so, the app is for you.

For piano learners, the app helps you improve reading and playing music notes (sight reading) skill. Just practice using the app frequently and you'll be able to read music notes faster in a short period of time.

For piano lovers without any musical background, you can consider the app as a game in which you play the piano keys by following hints. The hints will show you which keys to play, so that you can perform your favorite tunes without knowing music theory.

*** Features:

  • Note reading exercises with both treble and bass clefs.

  • Notes are displayed in the form of professional sheet music.

  • You can practice with the on-screen piano keyboard, or connect your device to a MIDI controller/digital piano.

  • Contextual hints. You can look at the sheet music or the hints while practicing.

  • Practice with beautiful songs that are popular with piano learners.

  • Practice in different tempos and key signatures.

  • When you practice playing notes on a track of a song, other tracks will be played simultaneously. This makes you feel like you're playing with a band.

  • Support for metronome, stack notes (chord).

*** More songs will be added frequently. Feel free to give your feedback.

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Support for selecting starting note to play/practice.

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