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Do you ever feel like you listen to the same music over and over? Or maybe your playlists are getting old?

Enter Mix.It

Mix.It uses machine learning and AI to help you build fantastic playlists in seconds. Need a Hip-Hop playlist for a work out? Open Mix.It. Need a Dance playlist for a party? Open Mix.It. Have a friend who doesn’t like your music? Open Mix.It!

Mix.It offers two ways to build mixes.

Regular Mixes: Regular Mixes will ask for a couple of hints to get started and then will use those hints along with AI and your music listening history to recommend songs. These recommendations are placed on to cards. Swipe right to add it to the playlist, swipe left to skip it!

Smart Mixes: Smart Mixes work like Smart Playlists in iTunes. Simply add filters to the Smart Mix and Mix.It will automatically add all of the songs in your library that satisfy the filters.

Mix.It features a beautiful music player, capable of adapting its theme to the currently playing song’s artwork. The Mix.It Player can also recommend songs to play next and supports “Play Next” and “Play Later.”

Mix.It also includes:

  • Library View: View your entire music library, add filters, and sort your music. Library View has sections for songs, albums, artists and genres.

  • Advanced Sorting: Go beyond sorting by name. Sort by date added, release date, play count and more!

  • Search: Quickly search your library for the next song.

  • Mix Sharing: Upload your mixes for easy sharing!

  • Mix Exports: Export any mix to the music app in seconds.

Stop listening to the same boring music and download Mix.It today!

Note: Mix.It is only compatible with the standard music app or Apple Music at this time. Mix.It is not affiliated with Apple, iTunes, or Apple Music.

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