لوگو IG Views: Followers analyzer +

IG Views: Followers analyzer +

تصاویر IG Views: Followers analyzer +تصاویر IG Views: Followers analyzer +تصاویر IG Views: Followers analyzer +تصاویر IG Views: Followers analyzer +تصاویر IG Views: Followers analyzer +تصاویر IG Views: Followers analyzer +


Who viewed your profile? How to watch stories anonymously? Are your posts getting visits and likes? Who unfollowed you and who is following back? Who are your secret admirers?

IG Views analytics shows you the info you wish to know about your feed, stories, likes, and unfollowers.

Be in charge of your social media life! Discover your followers’ activity with exclusive reports and watch their stories without them knowing. Mass unfollow unwanted viewers.


IG Views can give you all the answers you’re seeking about your profile activity. Get all the data in one place and find out how popular you are.

Whether you want to know who likes your stories or unfollow those who don’t engage, you’ll find all the info you need. Easy, accessible, at a glance. Keep reading for (just a few) examples.


  • Find your secret admirer with info such as:

    √ Who’s seeing your stories the most

    √ Who’s engaging with your profiles

    √ Who gives you loads of likes

    √ … and much more!

  • Discover what people don’t like about your content:

    √ How many people stopped following you?

    √ Who hasn’t followed you back?

    √ Who blocked you?

  • Go incognito and scroll in private:

    √ Watch stories anonymously

  • Cleaner:

    Who should you block? Check your ghost followers or unfollowers who are seeing your profile. Keep your space clean and safe for your friends and followers with the mass unfollow option.

  • Learn how your profile is doing overtime:

    The algorithm gets better at analyzing your popularity the more you use it, so that you can see what your fans like the most about your feed, what’s working and what’s not.

  • Become an influencer increasing your likes and posts views.


IG Views is easy to use and free, there are no surprises! The free version comes with a wide range of interesting stats: who viewed my profile, unfollow reports, likes analysis, active stories, deleted tagged posts... Download the basic version now and find out what this insights tracker can do for you.


With IG Views Premium, you will get all the tools you need to become a real influencer. Exclusive data will allow you to gain likes and increase your followers like never before. This useful app is flexible and works around your needs. If you decide to subscribe, you can cancel whenever you want, it’s up to you. No extra fees to pay!


IG Views is not affiliated with any social media but you will need an account to use it. You can find the privacy policy and terms of use here: www.leading-tools.com

Questions? Suggestions? We’re here for you, please reach us at contact info or leave a review. We’d love to hear from you!

Contact: info@leading-tools.com

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