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Holo lets you add holograms of real people and animals into your world and take photos & videos to share with friends.

Optimized for phones with ARKit, Holo is the the first app that lets you move around 3D holograms of people and interact with them as if truly there in real life, giving you an entirely new way to create content and tell stories with personalities you love in AR.

– Place a hologram of your favorite character into your real world

– Walk around the character as if it’s in the same room as you

– Holograms are life-size, but can be resized, rotated or moved to set up your scene

– Snap a video or photo in portrait and landscape, share with friends and save to your gallery

– Choose different holograms including iconic characters, as well as fun original characters and animals

– Download new holograms to your phone in seconds

We’re always looking for ways to make the app better. Please feel free to contact us at support@thisisholo.com

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