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Figwee Visual Food Diary

تصاویر Figwee Visual Food Diaryتصاویر Figwee Visual Food Diaryتصاویر Figwee Visual Food Diaryتصاویر Figwee Visual Food Diaryتصاویر Figwee Visual Food Diary


Figwee is a unique calorie counter built by people who use them and wanted more.

"We've been singing the praises of Figwee to our families since I found the app. There really isn't anything else like it", Jeff Hitchcock, founder of Children with Diabetes.


Figwee is the only visual calorie counting solution.

The use of text to enter portions is fundamentally flawed. Humans are visual.

We solved this by using photos of incremental food portions, meticulously weighed, to make logging food easier, quicker, and more accurate.

Our process:

Did you have 4 oz or 5 oz of french fries?

Search for fries, pick the photo of the fries you had from the results.

Slide the slider up and down until you see the amount you ate, then tap.

The correct amount of fries and their calories are now in your food diary.


The app is free to download. Try it side by side with any other calorie counting app.

Even if you decide you like your text-based solution better, you will still have a unique tool to help you get the portion correct.


Let's talk about food databases.

The United States has the best developed nutrient database in the world.

In this database, there are roughly 8,000 base foods.

An average person eats far fewer than this, especially when watching their calories.

We think it is important to understand that there are problems with having 10 million database entries.

This large number of entries cannot be properly managed, and users are allowed to add to them.

The result is a database that is riddled with errors and cannot be trusted, especially if you are a diabetic.

Figwee controls its own database. We tell you, for each food item, where we got our information. It is either from the Manufacturer's label/website or from the USDA database.

No one else will tell you where they got their information. It's because they don't know where they got it.

Another problem with large databases is getting 500 results for cheddar cheese.

This forces the user to do a very specific search or sift through pages of results.

This is the opposite of simplicity and we feel strongly it is the wrong approach.

The exact brand of cheddar cheese you had is not as relevant to your success as how much you had.

If you are off by as much as an ounce, you may have just blown 10% of your calories for the day!

Another problem. Having the brand doesn't always help you.

Even though you've found the brand of a sandwich, the results can be between 460-950 calories.

It also doesn't help you to scan a bar code if you didn't eat all of the food in the package.

Figwee gives you what you need to solve these problems.

We know from experience that the most important thing is getting the portion correct.

Everything you need, only what you need.



There are three versions of Figwee:

(1) Free food diary and slide functionality. Mobile and desktop integration. The core of Figwee with ads.

(2) Same as (1) with one-time nominal fee to permanently remove ads.

(3) Full featured Calorie Counter for a monthly fee, cancel anytime, reverts to (2). No ads ever.

Here is what the fully featured app does:

· PortionRight™ slider - Use photos of food portions to enter food into your diary

· Complete calorie tracking - Foods, activities, results. Calories in, calories out.

· My Foods - Store the foods you eat commonly for quick entry

· Custom food entry - If we don't have it, you can build it and save it in your My Foods

· My Activities - Store your regular activities for quick entry

· Results tracking - Over 20 charts and graphs so you can see your progress

· Desktop integration - There is a desktop version for your convenience

· Control your program - Use it your way. It's your tool, not ours.

· Controlled private database - Accurate and error free

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