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Cat Games 3D

تصاویر Cat Games 3Dتصاویر Cat Games 3Dتصاویر Cat Games 3Dتصاویر Cat Games 3Dتصاویر Cat Games 3D


Cat Games 3D is the best iPad game and best value for cats you can buy. 34 games available for one in-app purchase. Big Monk Games has added the best iPad cat game to it's arsenal of iPad game for cats. Our games for cats frequently are in the top of the iPad only Entertainment charts on the App Store in various countries. Please check out our other games for cats at www.CatGamesForiPad.com

You don't just get one or two additional games with in-app purchase like some of our competitors, you get 34 games for your cat or cats to play. All different games, laser pointers, feather toys, string toys, mechanical contraption toys modeled after real life cat toys, as well as loads of critters that cats love to chase.


5 games for your cats to play for free

34 games available with in-app purchase

Select one or multiple games and timer settings to cycle games continuously

Save your settings and favorite levels so its quick to set up play time again.

Games to Play:


Bouncing Ball

Feather on a Rope


Laser Pointer

With In-App Purchase:

Ball on a rope

Bat on a rope





Feather on a rope

Feathers on a rope moving L-R

Fish Tank

Fish on a rope

Flag Gizmo

Frog on a rope

Rat on a rope

Ring Mechanical Toy

S-Loop Mechanical Toy


Turtle on a rope

Twirly Balls

Twirly Feather

Twirly Feather Top Down View

Twirly Mouse

Twirly Squirrel

7 Classic Cat Games of the 2D variety

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