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تصاویر Blood Searchتصاویر Blood Searchتصاویر Blood Searchتصاویر Blood Search


Looking for a specific blood group for your loved ones in a medical emergency?

Help is now just a touch away!

Post your blood group requirement request in the app and we will connect you with our registered voluntary blood donors within your locality.

You can search within any distance radius and contact the blood donor through the app when you receive a response. Any response will be immediately notified to you through the app and you may follow up as per your requirement. Your requirement notification will reach all our volunteers within the distance you specify and whoever chooses to accept your request shall be notified of your contact details.

You may also volunteer to donate blood and save the lives of others by responding to requests near you. You may save your details in the app to register as a blood donor, and whenever possible, accept requests to donate blood. Your details shall only be shared with your permission if you choose to accept a request. Register today and help save lives!

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