لوگو 1STROKE - One Line Connect

1STROKE - One Line Connect

تصاویر 1STROKE - One Line Connectتصاویر 1STROKE - One Line Connectتصاویر 1STROKE - One Line Connect


A simple but addictive one-line puzzle game in which you draw one line, that will sharpen your brain.

Play through the extensive levels, sharpening your brain as you have fun.

You can play when you've got spare time during your daily life, or before going to bed.

How to play:

The rule is extremely simple.

Connect all the points with just one stroke!

You can start from anywhere.

The game starts off with simple puzzles.

At first, you might think it's too easy, but higher levels are with more number of lines, and it gets harder.

You will be able to feel your brain loosen up and become pliable and ready for more as you complete these simple puzzles.

Your brain will slowly but surely become a puzzle master's brain.

There are also some complicated types of line, such as one-direction lines and overlapping lines, you can see in higher levels.

The red arrow symbol means it's one-direction line and dash line means it's overlapping one.

Use hints for puzzles that are too hard to solve.

Play it for free now and sharpen your brain!

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